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Arrow’s Oliver Queen may be a one-man army of abs and justice, but when the man under the hood needs a hand (or a hack) he relies on his girl, Felicity Smoak. The two first formed an unconventional friendship, anchored by vigilantism, but it’s their undeniable chemistry — a strange, alluring mixture of the awkward, the sincere, and the downright hot — that has fans declaring OTP (one true pairing) status for Oliver and Felicity.

Not convinced that these two are endgame material? Right this way, my friend. We’ve put together a handy primer for both the newbie and advanced ‘shipper. (via beijingdoll)


Dylan’s shout out to the MTV Movie Awards live stream viewers







Every single person needs to reblog this. No, it will not ruin your blog, it will make it a million times better. 

So much respect. And sadness. He’s trying so hard to stay strong.

i’m tearing :/


No, no, this is horrible. You see, the flag will go to the husband or wife of the deceased soldier as next of kin. This flag is going to the son.

Both of his parents are gone.

I had to reread that last comment on this a few times and when I realized what that meant and my heart just fell through the fucking floor

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